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WordPress Theme : Fauxed

My First wordpress theme fauxed is up for public release.. well i have not completely designed the theme by myself but i have borrowed large parts of the design from 5ThirtyoneV2.. I would like to thank Derek Punsalan because without his theme i would'nt have been able to make Fauxed..</p



Fauxed is my “improvement” of 5ThirtyoneV2.. Fauxed features:

  • a two column shelf in the top portion of the blog
  • a three column faux footer (to be widgetised soon)
  • Live Commenting
  • Support for Extended Live Archives
  • Better Support for asides
  • Support for noteworthy posts (coming soon)

and lots more….

Widgetising the theme and support for more commonly used plugins remains my chief priority and i plan to release them in the near future..

The Other thing is that Fauxed retains all the features of 5ThirtyoneV2 like support for Ultimate Tag Warrior, Ryan’s Contact form etc…

Installation Instructions

Installation of fauxed is like any other wordpress theme..

  • Download the zip file from here
  • extract and open the fauxed directory
  • open topside.php and edit the about text
  • open header.php to edit the navigation links
  • open shorts.php and edit your asides category
  • open home.php and again edit your asides category
  • upload the files and plugins to wp-content/themes/ and wp-content/plugins and activate the theme and the plugins

thats it and you are up and running.. if you have any issues please use the comment form below..

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