Latest Research Shows Social Media Marketing has Strong Influence on Retail Sales

Social Media Marketing has won the fight and claimed a position at the marketing arena. It’s no longer an experimental or integral element of the marketing combo but it stands as an independent tool for the business world. Many companies today are shelling out a major chunk of their finances in social media because they are already convinced that this strategic platform yields dynamic results.

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, in its recent study, revealed its analysis on the impact of social media on marketing sales as focused on correlate return of investments. The research used five quick service food establishments and made an analysis on the effect of social media publicity on the behavioral changes of consumers in purchasing a product. The study contains the results of the correlation showing how this type of marketing leads to more investing and consumption.

Multi-Channel Optimization Enhances Spending and Usage

People have been used utilizing social media in combination with Public relations, TV promotion, and  OOH (out-of-home) marketing  invested more cash and consumed more orders from the dining establishments. The effects show a substantial rise in product sales. The report found out this important information:

-Individuals who gained exposure to social media advertising and Public relations spent 17% more money in the food chain category.
-When exposed to TV ads and social media marketing, customers were two times as likely to eat more from the popular Wendy’s.
-Social media and out-of-home marketing also turned out to be a great complement, leading to customers being 1.5 times very likely to spend or eat more throughout the Quick-Service Restaurant business.

Social media marketing Alone Produces Greater Spending

Another factor worth observing in the research was the effect of social media-only strategies. For KFC, customers who were only exposed to social websites were seven times more prone to shell out their cash. How that is for social media marketing’s influence on product sales?

Determination to Revisit the Marketing Mix

These figures should encourage us all. They must motivate retailers to re-evaluate their marketing combination to ensure their marketing programs are bundled and improved to generate sales. Facts should also inspire entrepreneurs to pause, team up and pay attention in establishing the multi-channel marketing technique that pushes the best sales for their consumers.

So instead of asking the amount of sales being driven by social media marketing on your business, it’s proper to accept the challenge of determining the right blend of social marketing and multiple-channel integration and how these tactics bring sales for your business enterprise.


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